About Us

In every phenomenon the beginning always remains the most notable moment. With passage of time, comes evolution, growth and respectable status. One such phenomenon is Venkateshwara Group. Venkateshwara Group Started its journey in the year 2000 with full fledged manufacturing of packaging products in Hyderabad. Venkateshwara Group under its umbrella servers the industry with two divisions:
M/s. Venkateshwara Flexo Pack Private Limited,
M/s Venkateshwara Roto Pack Private Limited.

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Why Us

Premier Manufacturers

Venkateshwara Group, evolved over the years into one of the premier manufacturers in packing industry and today is known for its consistent service, superior quality and on-time delivery.


An ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Venkateshwara Group offers a wide gamut of packaging solutions for packaging material from Printing on flexible reverse / surface films and lamination, co-extruded multi-layer films etc.


Cater To A Wide Segment Of Sectors

we cater to a wide segment of sectors like FMCG, Food processing, Snacks, Biscuits, Confectionary , Spices, Salt, Soap cake wrappers, Detergent powder, Lubricant Oil, Coconut Oil and many more for multinational Companies.


Best Quality Product

At every stage of production from raw material purchase to finished goods handling, stringent quality checks are done to ensure that the end product is defect-free and of the best quality in the market.


High Quality Films For Packaging

Our specialty lies in high quality films for packaging applications in various thicknesses and sizes as per client specification including films for Vacuum and Nitrogen packing for retention of freshness for a longer period of time.


We have been buying products and using Packaging for years now. The prices have stayed very competitive and the VMI service really works in our favor. They come once a week to do inventory and I am never out of boxes.

Haldiram Foods International Ltd

We talked to plenty of packaging people, and we tried to do that early on...I think we could go to a number of different companies that could deliver on budget and on time… But it was the level of detail and the craftsmanship that you get at Venkateshwra Products that I haven’t seen before.

Patanjali Biscuits Pvt. Ltd

Venkateshwra Group brought in several prototypes of a four pack carrying carton for my approval… their designs met my specifications for functionality and attractive design… and they delivered on time, with quick turn-a-round!

Prayagh Nutri Products Pvt. Ltd